Why DVS?

8 reasons you should you consider us for your new website project...
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We know camps

Not only have we spent many years focusing solely on building websites for camps, we've also interviewed lots of campers' parents to find out exactly what they're looking for on a camp website, what they want to find first, what's most important to them, what attracts them to a camp and what turns them off.

We've gathered and used this data for years to learn how to build the most effective camp websites possible. 



Our special interactive features give you a competitive advantage

We’ve developed powerful features you won’t find on your competitors’ websites that are specially designed for camps. These features emotionally engage new potential campers and parents, invoke the "halo effect," and make you stand out from all your competitors.



Bold guarantees our competitors can't match

We offer you an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee on your new website (unheard of for the type of work we do).

We guarantee to deliver a working prototype of your new website within 4 weeks from the start of your project or you get a sizable discount on your final price.

We also offer service and support guarantees, and provide a generous warranty with your new website.



We have lots of happy clients  :)

...but, don't take our word for it.

Watch this short testimonial compilation video, then click the button below to see more.



Mobile-friendly, done the right way

Every day, more and more people are accessing your website on mobile devices.

We use a cutting-edge technology that makes your website look awesome and work perfectly on all mobile devices.



Proudly NOT built on WordPress

Do you know how many WordPress websites got hacked in 2012?

This source says it was 170,000!

This is just one reason of several that we never build websites on WordPress.



We run 57 different tests on your new website before we launch it.

Our comprehensive testing process and methods ensure that your visitors will have a consistent and positive experience on your new website.

Not all web companies go to the lengths we do in testing, but we believe it makes a big difference.



Service that'll make you say weird things

One of our clients (not in this video, and not to be named) actually said this in response to some great service we provided: "I love you, I want to kiss your feet!"

Watch this video to hear what our clients say about our service.